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Tech Ed China 2007

Publish date: 2007-10-30 11:54 Posted by ultraxp
    Technorati Tags: TechEd , China , Microsoft 一转眼,从我2001年第一次接触TechEd到今天已经7年。从一名参会者,到TechEd讲师,到TechEd项目组成员。时间的变化,个人的发展与公司,行业的成长.... 这一切都是难得的经历。明天,TechEd China 2007的第一站上海即将开幕,写几点个人感受。 今年TechEd内部项目启动时,项目组负责人高玉民先生问在座的同事: 在座有哪些人在加入微软之前参加过TechEd。--- 绝大部分人举手。又问: 在座有多少同事在加入微软后参加过不止一次TechEd----几乎全部举手。“在座有哪些同事作为讲师或者项目组成员,为TechEd作过贡献""------ 全部举手...... 在不知不觉中,TechEd已经成为公司内外深入人心的一个品牌。 那么TechEd究竟魔力何在?它并不是完美的,为什么参会者一年比一年多,整个活动越办越成功?我想有以下几点: 合作共赢合作共赢一直是微软的整体业务发展战略。这也是一个平台公司的核心价值观之一
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Publish date: 2007-10-25 22:20 Posted by youyang
呵呵,有些对不起盆老大,N久没上来,上来就发招聘广告,不过最近确实N忙,顺便发则招聘广告 Microsoft R&D Group下的CTI Team现在招Tester, 要求: 1. 对Testing感兴趣,以前没有经验的也可,不过你得想出来这样一个问题: 让你测NOTEPAD的打开功能,你至少要想出10种以上的Case 2.在Windows Client(Windows Vista/XP),Windows Server 2003, MOSS 2007,SQL SERVER, ASP.NET, IIS, AD的一个方面,或者多个方面(越多越好)有一定的研究,比如: 你知道Windows Vista的 网络知晓服务的原理吗? 你知道AD的组策略分发的原理吗? 3. Coding技巧(可选): 熟悉C++/C#, Batch, Script, PowerShell 4. 英文,我前一阵发现某些同志大学CET 6都过了,结果Release不知道是啥意思,所以,英文的读写功底是要有的,因为Team整个沟通都是英文,至于口语,如果你说的好,倒是有机会被扔到Redmond工作去。 其他 V
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Product Review: GFI Mailessentials

Publish date: 2007-10-19 06:59 Posted by MessagingTalk - Exchange 2003
This product review reflects my own views on this product and as such reflect my opinion. While some GFI product documentation has been consulted for the sake of clarity, none of it has been reproduced for the sake of this more
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Are you a Net Promoter?

Publish date: 2007-10-12 11:16 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
No, we're not talking about a new plugin for WhatsUp that advances the careers of network administrators (WhatsUp does that well enough without plugins), we're talking about a number that Harvard Business Review modestly called, "The One Number You Need to Grow" This number is so popular and important, it has its own book and even its own conference in Miami this winter. What is this number? Unlike Avogadro's number, this number, the Net Promoter Score, is different for every company and can
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Business Book Club: The Halo Effect

Publish date: 2007-10-1 21:47 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
This month's Business Book Club selection is The Halo Effect, but Phil Rozenzweig. I came across this book through recommendation surfing (if that becomes a buzzword, you read it here first) on, that is, I was following the system's "if you like that, you might also like this" links from books I liked to books I didn't know I liked yet. I suspect this is a common practice, and it's ginormously smart of Amazon to facilitate it. They got another $25 out of me, didn't they? I found Th
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MSFT sees its shadow, five more months of XP

Publish date: 2007-9-29 00:18 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
Maybe that should read, Microsoft sees the writing on the wall. In any case, as reported by PC World and just about everybody else, Microsoft announced today that it would continue to sell Windows XP through the end of June, five months longer than previously announced. CMP Channelweb reports that OEMs have six months more than before to ship PCs with XP instead of Vista. It's clear that even some of the most MicroSkeptic of power users and home users are warming to Vista, but this news shows
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The total package

Publish date: 2007-9-24 21:05 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
I recently returned from a few weeks in Asia, doing seminars, meeting press, hanging out with our local distribution partners and resellers, and of course, observing (and ingesting) the cultural differences. The one that's always interesting to me, especially in Japan, is the packaging of products. I mean the literal box or carton or bag that things come in, and the importance that people seem to attach to it. In Japan, my hotel room had separate waste and recycle bins under the desk, and the
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Meetings not useless, after all

Publish date: 2007-9-19 16:30 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
In his blog, Marginal Revolutions, economist Tyler Cowen opined yesterday that meetings are not in fact entirely useless, boring, time-wasting and soul-destroying, quoting his piece in the October 1 issues of Forbes (free registration required) Meetings also confer a sense of control. Attendees feel like insiders who have a real voice in decisions. This boosts their motivation to implement ideas discussed as a group. For this reason it is especially important to listen to the blowhards and the
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Open (Office) for Business?

Publish date: 2007-9-19 06:49 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
In business school, they used to lecture us a lot about the "Network Effect" and "Network Externalities" which meant, more or less, that some things are more valuable because of the number of people using them, rather than because of any of the thing's intrinsic merits. Or, as the wise wikipedia puts it: A network effect is a characteristic that causes a good or service to have a value to a potential customer which depends on the number of other customers who own the good or are users of the s
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OS cold war hot again?

Publish date: 2007-9-17 20:34 Posted by The Ipswitch Blog
This blog is more or less about business and technology, so when we write about Apple, it's usually more of a business case type thing and not about the possible use of Apple technology in mainstream businesses. But a recent article in the New York Times suggests that Apple's Mac OS has been given a brief window of opportunity to gain business customers by Microsoft's missteps with Vista. Will fear of Vista plus the wild popularity of iphones and ipods equal more Macs on business desktops? W
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