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Knowledge Collection: Resource Reservations database in Notes/Domino
aku1 发表于 2007-11-23 9:01:17

Notes/Domino C&S
 Product documentation
This document is a focused compilation of documents that provides troubleshooting tips and general information on the Resource Reservations database, which is an integral piece of the Calendaring & Scheduling feature of Notes Client and Domino Server.
Knowledge Collection for the Domino Resource Reservations Database

A focused compilation of documents about a specific product or topic and serves as a source for general reference and as a supplement for training material. Knowledge Collections are not designed to be an all-inclusive list of all documents dealing with the specific topic.

The Collection:

Troubleshooting Scripts

Troubleshooting Script for Issues with Notes/Domino 5.x and 6.x Resource Reservation Database [#7002916] (175157)*

General Information and How To's
 What is and how to set up resource scheduling for Notes/Domino 6.x or 7.x Calendaring & Scheduling [# 7002648] (195357)

What is and how to set up resource scheduling for Notes/Domino 5.x Calendaring & Scheduling [#7003382] (175048)
 How does the Resource Reservations database work in Notes/Domino 5.x and 6.x? [#7003347] (175159)

Common Questions and Answers about the Resource Reservation database in Notes/Domino C&S [#1084447] (164823)

Should the Resource Reservations database be replicated? Should it be clustered? [#1097149] (154278)

Using the R5 or 6 Resource Reservations database with Notes 4.5x/4.6x Clients [#7002576] (173747)

Notes/Domino C&S: How To Reserve Rooms and Resources in Another Domain [#1088987] (182232)

Enhancement Requests and Issues:

Resource Reservation databases based on 6.x or earlier design do not function properly on Domino 7.0 servers [#1219243 ]

Upgrading the Resource Reservation database disables Purge Documents agent [#1215141]

Setting a Room To Be Available 24x7 Sends a Decline to the Chairperson [#1092303] (172098)

Ability to edit reservations and reassign reservations within Resource Db is not present in 5.x or 6.x [#1088644] (175232)

If a Room/Resource deletion request is rejected, it is not added back to the Resource Reservation Db [#1098278]

Unauthorized user can delete Rooms/Resources in Reservations database [#1174138]

* number in parentheses represents the original document number in the previous knowledge management system for IBM Lotus Support.
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Cross Reference information
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Messaging Applications Lotus Notes Lotus Notes 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, 5.0, 4.6, 4.5

How to move a Domino Resource Reservations database


To successfully move a Resource Reservations database to a new Domino server, here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Tell Shedule Manager and Calendar Connector (Sched and CalConn) to quit on both servers.

  2. Make a new copy of Resource.nsf on the new server.

  3. At the operating system level, move or rename the original Resource.nsf file.

    NOTE: Rather than move or rename, I decided to put a doclink to the new database on the "About" document and change the launch options to "Launch first doclink in About database." This redirects users who already had the database bookmarked or on their workspace. It adds the new icon as well and makes the move relatively seamless.

  4. Open the ACL (File -> Database -> Access Control) of the new Resource.nsf, select the Advanced icon, and set the Administration server to the new server name.

  5. Check scheduled agents (which should just be the Purge Documents Agent) and change the schedule to run on the new server.

  6. Sign the new database with your administrator/template ID file.

  7. Open the Domino Directory.

  8. Change to the Server -> Mail-in Databases view.

  9. Create a Formula agent to change the Room and Resource documents to the new server:

    FIELD MailServer:= "CN=newserver/OU=orgunit/O=org"

  10. Select all the room and resource documents that need to be changed and run the agent.

  11. Replicate the Domino Directory throughout the domain.

  12. Delete busytime.nsf on both servers. This may not be necessary, but I have had issues with corruptions and double-bookings, so when I have a chance to rebuild, I take it.

  13. Start Sched and CalConn tasks on both servers. Busytime.nsf will be rebuilt at this time.

  14. Through the server console, enter tell router update config on both servers to allow the change in the Rooms and Resources mail server locations to be picked up in the routing table.

  15. Open the new Resource Reservation database and run Actions -> Upgrade (same agent run after an upgrade). This prepares the database to receive and autoprocess requests on the new server.

    NOTE: If this step is missed, the Domino database will receive reservations, but they will arrive as a "Notice" form and will not fall into the schedule/calendar or send out responses.

  16. Test what you've done by creating a meeting and reserving a room. Autoprocessing should occur without a problem.

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